Can I choose where I want my photographic session?
Any location you like! I can photograph in your own home or at parks and beaches around Rockhampton and surrounding areas. I am happy to suggest a range of locations that will best suit your shoot. However, I am also open to new locations so let me know if you have a particular place in mind. Urban areas in Rockhampton’s CBD work really well, live on acreage? Or a farm? Perfect places for a shoot =)

What’s the best time for outdoor photo shoots?
For outdoor shoots the light is usually best in the late afternoon or very early in the morning.

What happens if I need to change my appointment time?
Please try to let me know as soon as possible so we can give your slot to someone else. We will give you a reminder by phone or by email 24-48 hours before your appointment. Cancellation of your appointment 6 hours or less prior to your photographic session may incur a fee.

How long will the photographic session take?
Most photographic sessions take about 45-60 minutes. Occasionally we need less time, however to explore every option during a shoot we sometimes need longer.

What should I wear?
Your photos are a record of who you are now, so I will always suggest you wear items of clothing that are favourites of yours in style and colour. Avoid strong patterns, logos on tops as they can date and try to keep it casual especially for on location shoots. Feel free to bring a change of clothes if you’d like to try more than one look. For more ideas please see check out the What To Wear? page.

Do I need to bring props for the photographic session?
Props can be a great asset to your photographs. Please feel free to bring in any props of your own that reflect your child’s & your personality, including hats, jewellery, toys, etc.. Really it’s whatever you feel will personalise your session.

Do you do retouching?
Most of my work is retouched in some way although I like to keep photos as natural as possible.

What happens if its bad weather?
Cloudy conditions create perfect photographic conditions, so don’t be concerned if there are a few clouds about as they can actually help with lighting. If however, it looks like it will be raining we can reschedule the session for another day. All outdoor sessions will have to be rescheduled if there is rain or it is very windy.

Is there anything should I bring?
I suggest bringing plenty of water and some snacks. If you have children, you may like to bring their favourite toy or something to amuse them. If you are having family portraits done with young children, I like to suggest bringing a family friend along that can help get the children smiling and laughing. It always helps put the whole family at ease. The rest will all depend on your shoot, your location and your theme.

What is your privacy policy & who owns the copyright to the photos?
Your privacy is important to me. If you would like your images to remain private I will not display them to the public. I will have you sign a release form/contract for marketing and usage rights but I will not publicly share your images without permission to do so. Signing this form means you acknowledge the images remain the property of the photographer. You also acknowledge that cropping, editing or altering the images in any way, shape or form is a direct violation of the photographer/client agreement.  I’m happy for you to Share and Tag images on Facebook, but please don’t copy or manipulate them in anyway. If you share the finished images on Instagram or other social networks please don’t add filters.

What if I’m not happy with the final photos?

If you are not happy I will discuss your concerns and will either offer you a refund or a re-shoot.

Do you offer studio shoots?

At the moment I am still setting up my studio, this will be something I will offer in the future. For now all my shoots are done outside, except for lifestyle and newborn shoots which are done in your own home {unless you request a location}. For these shoots I have studio lighting when needed and backdrops and props for newborn shoots.

How long does it take before I get to see the photos from my session?
I will post a sneak-peek on my Facebook page normally within a day of the session. It’ll then be around normally a 1 – 2 week waiting period for most sessions and 3 to 6 weeks for wedding photos before I am able to deliver your images. During busier weeks these time frames may be longer.